Our Community

The Narikuravar are a formerly nomadic community, who specialized in hunting small game. But after the government prohibited the access into forests, the community was forced to settle and has now taken on selling beaded jewelry.


Due to their previous living conditions and consumption of animals, they are deemed unclean by the Hindu religion and considered among the dalit or untouchable caste system and now face discrimination, lack of access to basic sanitation, high illiteracy rates, and diseases. 


 As a passionate and independent people, we seek to provide them with the basic infrastructure they need.


Project Milestones

Stage 1: Assessment

Stage 2: Design

Stage 3: Implementation

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Milestone 3

Our Project

For this previously nomadic community, permanent housing was not a priority. However since their recent settling, they have not had the skills or resources to build permanent homes. A permanent home will allow this community to educate their children and establish a sense of dignity and ownership. We have spent the fall semester in close contact with the community in which we hope to operate, assessing the projects for feasibility, risk, impact and sustainability. 


Therefore, the team has committed to construct 6 housing foundations, which will be completed through a governement program.

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Our Mission

Working alongside the Narikuravar tribe in Southern India, our mission is to design a project that is both culturally sensitive and meets the needs of the community. 


We do this in acknowledgement that regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or religion we deserve the opportunity to work towards a better future.


We believe that through our efforts we can take a small but measurable step towards changing the world.